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It's been a while NG!

2010-08-13 02:20:28 by AyaNiikura

I haven't been on in a while reviewing stuff and what not...
I missed out on experiencing a lot of new tracks by xsakux when they came out. I just gradually stopped coming on here because it became so regular, then I got busy with school.
I'm back now, ready to listen, review and download all his neat new stuff. Found quite a few songs that i'm madly in love with. I've found a new appriciation for music within myself and realized how amazing this guy really is.
Check him out:

Also there's an art portal now! >.<
I sketch and i'll work on some stuff; hopefully I can get a wacom pad of my very own someday. Til then it's going to be difficult to post anything until I can go over to my friend's and use his...
Newer photo up soon maybe?
Peace NG <3


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2010-08-13 02:33:05

Look forward to seeing your stuff!


2010-08-13 07:43:36