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I Don't Know...

2010-09-01 19:49:56 by AyaNiikura

I saw a big light and watching it float filled my heart with so much joy. While traveling to my destination, it distracted me and I got lost.
Dis-tracted... track... off track... that's exactly it. It led me to the state of being off track. Dis-track-ed.
Even though I have directions and a map in my head... I wonder now after I got lost and the lost place appeared before me, after the things i've seen, if my destination is visible.
Somehow I feel that destination is where I have to be, where I want to be and for all good, but can I completely rely on that?
I'll just have to have faith and keep walking. Any other direction is quite point(-)less anyways.
Population of that destination, I wonder if you truely understand...

I Don't Know...


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2010-09-01 20:53:02

Thats a very good drawing :)

Thats quite a sad poem there

(Updated ) AyaNiikura responds:

Heh... it wasn't really a poem. Just me explaining my day in the way my head spells it out... o-o;
But thank you?
And thanks about the drawing. I drew it a couple years ago.
It's how I had imagined my fiance and I our senior year. ^^;