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Entry #6

I'm bored, but not upset... ^^

2011-11-21 00:28:40 by AyaNiikura

My love and I got back together long long ago last year, 10/9/2010. We live together now and we pretty happy with each other. Going to be 5 years in March. Yeah ;]]] I haven't posted something on here since then... So I decided to clarify. Who cares anyways right? ^^
I really would like to color my pictures, but I can't do that until I get a drawing tablet of my own since my sister-in-law young-lady broke hers... >~<
I'm beginning the process of making music and hope to be producing something recognizable as music soon. Also, I'm taking dance, music, and Japanese Classes! Fun Fun stuff.
It's too cold to move very much right now... Our heater is broken. Times is tough ladies and gents... but we make it through with the love from each other and determination. Things will really pick up if financial aid follows through... ^^;
Happiness and art everywhere yay!
Gonna go watch sonic shit now... Peace love and good movies....
Oh yeah... and my hair has been temporarily blue. It's going to be purple again soon. o.o

I'm bored, but not upset... ^^


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