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SO this is newgrounds....

2008-02-19 23:06:38 by AyaNiikura

I made this account to vote for my baby and share an intrest with my love. So yeah, i finally posted this thing.
I love XsakuX

SO this is newgrounds....


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2008-02-19 23:20:11

I'm more handsome than this guy.. omg look at his hairs.. omg.. i'm so pretty..

AyaNiikura responds:

Um... I cut his hair... And my baby is the sexiest! No one can top him. No one.


2008-02-28 19:34:13

*sigh* the lengths people will go to in order to show someone something which they could have just told them outright, it makes me wonder just what makes people act the way they do

AyaNiikura responds:

Not everyone can be as boring as you. So, it's no wonder why you wouldn't understand us.


2008-05-09 18:49:16

i love his music too

AyaNiikura responds:

Yup, he's one sexy musical genius.