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My love and I got back together long long ago last year, 10/9/2010. We live together now and we pretty happy with each other. Going to be 5 years in March. Yeah ;]]] I haven't posted something on here since then... So I decided to clarify. Who cares anyways right? ^^
I really would like to color my pictures, but I can't do that until I get a drawing tablet of my own since my sister-in-law young-lady broke hers... >~<
I'm beginning the process of making music and hope to be producing something recognizable as music soon. Also, I'm taking dance, music, and Japanese Classes! Fun Fun stuff.
It's too cold to move very much right now... Our heater is broken. Times is tough ladies and gents... but we make it through with the love from each other and determination. Things will really pick up if financial aid follows through... ^^;
Happiness and art everywhere yay!
Gonna go watch sonic shit now... Peace love and good movies....
Oh yeah... and my hair has been temporarily blue. It's going to be purple again soon. o.o

I'm bored, but not upset... ^^

I have felt like singing every moment I find silence.
Every feeling that comes to mind gives me a song to sing.
Things have been so Katy Perry (referring to hot/cold). HAHA. I'm not a fan or anything, but the musical reference had to be established.
I'm either singing of great joy, or sadness, but that is love for you.
Buddhism teaches that with great passion and desire, the achievement of great success or happiness is not without suffering. I'm no buddhist, but I believe that every philosphy/religion is worth the insight.
Now, you can follow the middle path and extinguish that desire to rid your suffering, also relinquishing that chance at great happiness, or you can withstand the suffering for the chance at something amazing.
I'm no buddhist.
I am going to see this through because i'm going to live my life to the fullest. This love has been and can be the most incredible thing in the world. It takes two, so I really don't know what's going to happen, but he says that all he wants is trust. So I am trusting. He's breaking it down with foolish actions and lies, but he will realize (hopefully in time) that doing the right thing is what will make that trust hold strong.
With this I will be the happiest woman in the world. I'm already 100% confident that I can make him the happiest man in the world. ^.^
I'm singing a happy tune as of late, but even if I happen to be singing a sad one due to a wrong turn of his, I hope that we come back to that good note. I'm sure we will, and he reassures me daily.
Well, those are my thoughts today that I felt necessary to get down somewhere.
Peace NG.
[The pic isn't best of quality since my phone is a p.o.s. >2mp cam, but it's still special to me. We look exaughsted since it was like 4am. Aug 26th, 2010.]

You ever feel like singing all the time?

My love and I spent the afternoon-evening together and really got some quality time together which made me incredibly happy. I'm really hoping for things to work out... But I really need to se some partcular things happen or it's all going to fall apart. Thinking about this makes me want to cry...
Trying to stay positive. ^^;;;
*needs pic messaging*

I Don't Know...

2010-09-01 19:49:56 by AyaNiikura

I saw a big light and watching it float filled my heart with so much joy. While traveling to my destination, it distracted me and I got lost.
Dis-tracted... track... off track... that's exactly it. It led me to the state of being off track. Dis-track-ed.
Even though I have directions and a map in my head... I wonder now after I got lost and the lost place appeared before me, after the things i've seen, if my destination is visible.
Somehow I feel that destination is where I have to be, where I want to be and for all good, but can I completely rely on that?
I'll just have to have faith and keep walking. Any other direction is quite point(-)less anyways.
Population of that destination, I wonder if you truely understand...

I Don't Know...

It's been a while NG!

2010-08-13 02:20:28 by AyaNiikura

I haven't been on in a while reviewing stuff and what not...
I missed out on experiencing a lot of new tracks by xsakux when they came out. I just gradually stopped coming on here because it became so regular, then I got busy with school.
I'm back now, ready to listen, review and download all his neat new stuff. Found quite a few songs that i'm madly in love with. I've found a new appriciation for music within myself and realized how amazing this guy really is.
Check him out:

Also there's an art portal now! >.<
I sketch and i'll work on some stuff; hopefully I can get a wacom pad of my very own someday. Til then it's going to be difficult to post anything until I can go over to my friend's and use his...
Newer photo up soon maybe?
Peace NG <3

SO this is newgrounds....

2008-02-19 23:06:38 by AyaNiikura

I made this account to vote for my baby and share an intrest with my love. So yeah, i finally posted this thing.
I love XsakuX

SO this is newgrounds....